Sadness and Happiness

Sadness is: Running out of yarn when you are just about to start the toe of your second sock.

Second sock...ran out of yarn.

Happiness is: A wonderful knitter on Ravelry is sending me her leftover Jitterbug sock yarn to finish my second sock!

Happiness is also: Starting two socks at a time!

two socks at a time!

Here is the first run of a Toddler Moc-a-Soc I am making for my nephew. I had read that the pattern runs large, so I made the smallest size for the first boot. I am awaiting measurements from my brother so that I can make the correct size. This is just an adorable pattern and fun to knit. I used Patons Canadiana yarn for the boot and Regia Cotton Tip & Top Color for the sock. Great pattern you can purchase directly in Ravelry here or from the designers etsy here.


Happiness is also: Finishing the baby sweater. I need to block it, and weave in the ends. Now I have two baby sweaters in this state….I don’t like weaving in ends and mattress stitching up my finished projects.  A bad habit to get into I think, but I always have the next project on my mind and don’t like being bothered with the finish work!  Eventually, I’ll need to REALLY finish these projects!

April2008 022


6 responses to “Sadness and Happiness

  1. Those baby socks are just too cute! and the sweater is lovely.

  2. OUCH! that’s a bummer, thank goodness you can get more yarn. The baby sweater is so sweet. I’m working on one that’s a bit of a challenge, but I’m getting through it.

  3. That’s too bad about running out of yarn. Glad you were able to find more! Baby sweater is cute!

  4. Oh – I forgot. Will you just look at you knitting 2 socks at a time!! It is neat isn’t it. I’ll help you if you need it when you get to the tricky part.

  5. The baby sock and sweater is just too cute! Glad you found the yarn you needed to finish!

  6. The baby sweater is awesome! And I am so loving your socks! I just knew there was a sockaholic in you!! What a blessing to have a generous person willing to help you out with the yardage shortage! Knitters are special people!
    Hats off that you’re tackling 2 socks on 2 circs! I’ll live happily in the DPN dark ages… LOL!!

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