Sock on 2 circs

The thing I love about knitting is learning new techniques. I often get ahead of myself and luckily, I am totally okay with ripping out and trying something else.

sock on 2 circs

I discovered quickly that I was ahead of myself trying to knit two socks on two needles. Somehow, the direction of the needles ended up backwards and I couldn’t figure out how to correct it. Not wanting to tax my brain…I decided that it would be wise to knit a single sock on two circs first. So I ripped the two socks on two circs and started a single sock on two circs.

Getting used to how two circs work with one sock is fun! I think that once I am done with this pair, I’ll be ready for two socks on two circs!


One response to “Sock on 2 circs

  1. I just love doing my socks on two circs. I love not worrying about the stitches falling off in my bag, I love having the extra cord to try the sock on anytime. I love the tricksy way you switch needles, Makes me feel clever. I’ve never tried two at once though… maybe someday 🙂

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