We have a lot of interesting birds visit our little neck of the woods. Check out this duck out of the water.


This guy has a powerful beak, he is a Pileated Woodpecker. This is the woodpecker that inspired “Woody Woodpecker.” This guy is old, his eyes are cloudy and I don’t think he can see very well. We can be standing just inside the window and he doesn’t even notice unless we make a sound to tip him off. He has become my Hubby’s buddy.


I finished my first pair of socks!!! Yahooo!! Thanks again to my new best friend for life, Jeannie, for donating her leftover yarn so that i could finish them!

May2008 007


4 responses to “Birds

  1. The socks look great. Congrats on your first pair!

  2. I love interesting birds. The woodpecker certainly qualifies. That duck picture is really good too.

    Now you socks are knock-out. Wow so pretty!

  3. Those socks are very pretty. Is that the Jay colourway?

  4. Love the socks! Have you taken them off yet?

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