Graduation and Monkey’s

He did it!

Son #1’s graduation ceremony was held outside at the football stadium. It was a cold and extremely windy day. They got through maybe 30 graduates crossing the stage, and they canceled the ceremony due to the weather. The 1,500 graduates cheered and were happy to leave the football field! They announced “You are now graduates, move your tassel to the other side!” So, he didn’t get to walk across the stage, but he is a graduate!! YAY! He left tonight for six weeks in New Zealand! Lucky kid!


I had a very emotional goodbye with the boys. I’m not sure if it was because it was Mother’s Day, or because I had to face that I wouldn’t be seeing them for awhile. Son #2 is staying in Colorado for the summer and Son #1 is either staying in Colorado or going to California once he returns from his trip. I really miss them not being near me. It is hard to be a mother…hard to let go. We all had a great visit though!

I almost finished the first monkey sock this past week. I started it just before getting on the plane to Denver, and worked on it when I had a chance. Son #1 and I were very busy getting him moved out of his apartment, cleaning, laundry, getting new contacts, clothing, etc.

May2008 019

I feel like a true sock knitter now that I have knit the monkey sock! I am knitting them with yarn I got in the Taste of Germany collection: Sheepaints, Sock’n Go on size 2 circular needles. I really like knitting with two circs.

I had two awesome packages awaiting me when I returned from the trip. First was the Ravelry Swap on a Budget package.

May2008 021

Then a package which contained Wollmeise! I won it in Becca’s Forward Motion blog contest! Lucky me! Gewitterhimmel

May2008 022


4 responses to “Graduation and Monkey’s

  1. Wait a minute!!! You were in Colorado and didn’t tell me!!!! Where did your son graduate from…Mines?

    I would have LOVED to have met you ;-(


  2. You lucky dog! I can’t believe you have a skein of Wollmeise. I am soooo jealous of you right now.

  3. Congrats to Son #1. Congrats to you on awesome winnings. And finally I love your monkey sock. Really really pretty.

  4. I am in awe! MONKEY SOCKS!! I haven’t had the nerve to try them yet! Awesome job!!
    Congrats to your baby!! Hope he has a great trip! Totally cool swap stuff – I foresee more socks on your knitting horizon?? Congratulations on the Wollmeise! What a nice colorway!

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