What did you do last night?

Last night was knit night at Kaldi’s. I just love knit night, I look forward to it every week. Lots of great sharing of knitting, great conversation and I always learn something new. Last night Susan taught me how to spin on a drop spindle! I’ve had the drop spindle for close to a year, and had never done anything with it. I’m going to need a lot of practice! I need another addiction, no? heh heh

Here is a picture I snagged from Susan.


I showed off my monkey sock and have started the second. The pattern was really fun to knit. Just enough lace to keep the knitting from being boring.

Monkey Sock #1

I’m excited that I am spending the weekend at my brother’s house in Springfield, MO. I’ll get to love on my adorable nephew. My father is in town from Texas, so it will be a extra special visit! We plan to hit the antique stores on Saturday…always a fun time! Have a great weekend!

Craft, Rock Listen podcast is coming back for season two! Check it out!


One response to “What did you do last night?

  1. A drop spindle?? Oh noooooo!! You’re becoming one of us!! I apologize beforehand to your DH – yes, I may have been a bad influence in this regard – but look how HAPPY Tamara is!!! Besides, now that the boys’ bedrooms are more or less empty she has lots of space to store her soon-to-arrive fiber stash… tee hee!!
    Way to go Mama!! 😀

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