I am IronWoman

Hubby and Son #3 drug me to see the movie, Ironman tonight. It was a lot of fun! Great acting, awesome technology. I didn’t expect much, being it is based on a comic book, but was pleasantly surprised! I especially enjoyed walking out of the theater singing the “I am Ironman” theme and stomping. Excellent embarass the kid moment. heh heh

May2008 039

I not only finished my monkey socks, I’ve worn them twice. I LOVE these socks! While I have a ton of other patterns I’m anxious to knit up, I know I will make at least another pair of monkeys.

May2008 038

I had put this baby sweater in time out a few months ago, because I was at a section I wasn’t sure what to do next…time out always works! I have one sleeve and the neck to finish. The section that put it in time out was the applied icord. I just couldn’t grasp what I was to do back when I put it in time out. Let me tell you, applied icord ROCKS! I love the way it looks!

May2008 037

I’m excited to be working on the Summer Sampler by BadCatDesigns. A section of the pattern is released once a week on BadCatDesigns blog. The pattern calls for lace weight yarn…I tried to swatch with lace weight, but I had trouble with the thin yarn and small needles. So, I cast on with some sportweight yarn I had in my stash, Sinfonia. I used this yarn last year to make the lace shawl for my mother-in-law and it shows stitch patterns really well. My finished summer sampler will be much larger than the samplers made with lace weight, but I’m okay with that. I’m all about the learning experience, ya know. 🙂

May2008 036

It’s not to late to join in the fun knit the summer sampler! The first section of the pattern was released May 31. Below is the information about the sampler from Ravelry.

A lace sampler stole to be published in weekly installments over the Summer 2008 on the designers blog, http://badcatdesigns.blogspot.com/. Background information was posted during May, the pattern starts in June and runs through to September.

The final sampler will be approximately 18 inches wide by 72 inches long if using the same materials as the designer and following her gauge/tension but detailed advice is given on alternatives and how to calculate sizing.

The designer also runs a Yahoo Group! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BadCatDesigns/ – an on-topic group for people working on any BadCat designs.


One response to “I am IronWoman

  1. Absolutely LOVE that baby sweater! I’ve made i-cord – it looks great but it’s not my favorite thing to make – meh! Sweet finish for the front edge – I’ll have to remember that!
    Still love your monkey socks! Maybe you can bring them along when you come over to roll in my stash and play with my spinning wheel… LOL!!
    The sampler looks intriguing – I’m looking forward to seeing the next piece!

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