Summer Sampler Step Two

After ripping several rows, about 5 times…I finally finished the second step of the Summer Sampler. Those of you that are experienced lace knitters will notice that I got one row of YO’s messed up, way back down in the middle of the pattern…see it there? Second and third column from the left… AARGH! I decided it is my personal touch on the pattern. heh heh This was step two of twelve. I am certain I will have MANY personal touches before I am done!

Summer Sampler Pattern #2

I got an awesome gift in the mail this week! I won this cute mug (it says “So much yarn, so little time”! Ain’t that the truth!!), assorted tea, and some really yummy candy covered peanuts (which I ate before I took a picture!) Thanks Monica! I keep telling her that I want to move in. She has all the fun fibery toys a girl could ever dream of! Check out her site!

June2008 004

I also won an awesome dvd recently on Green Girl LA’s blog. I really enjoyed the dvd and have mailed it off to Son #1 in New Zealand. He’s into geology, so he will really love it! Thanks Siel! Green Girl LA’s blog is awesome! She writes about everything one can do to be green. She also is a blog writer for the LA Times, a section called “Emerald City.” Always a good read!

May2008 040

I’ve been making progress on a pair of socks for hubby. The pattern is a free pattern “Hareton Socks” by Kate Blackburn. I am a lot father down the leg on these, I took the picture last week. I am enjoying watching the diamonds appear as I knit! I am knitting them in Dream in Color Smooshy yarn. And smooooshy it is. Totaly worth the cost, this yarn! Kate has a ton of great patterns on her site. I want to make them all!

Hareton Socks

I also have a small cabled project going…cause I just love cables! This is a cabled neckwarmer. You can get this free pattern here. Another site in which I want to make every single project! This yarn is yummy Three Irish Girls yarn. I just LOVE their yarn!

Cabled Neck Warmer


2 responses to “Summer Sampler Step Two

  1. That cabled neckwarmer looks fabulous in a light colour!

    Also, glad you like the pattern. ❤

  2. Your patience with lace knitting is admirable! Maybe I should have started with a small-scale project like you have – that’s me – jumping into the fire with both feet! LOL!!
    I’m tickled you like the mug! It’s a pleasure to spoil you!
    The yarn for hubbie’s socks looks good enough to eat – like milk chocolate and coffee whipped cream! MMMM! How could it possibly knit up into anything but awesome socks??
    Your cabled headband is superb! I have a great fondness for white/natural cabled anything! Don’t you find them relaxing to knit?

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