Summer Sampler #3

Summer Sampler Pattern #3

Pattern number three was released a day early, and I could not wait to get started on it! I learned two things in completing this pattern.

  1. A new to me stitch: Knit three together centered (double vertical decrease) I found a great tutorial here.
  2. How to read the chart correctly. In the chart instructions it states:

Repeat chart rows 1 once, rows 2- 13 three time, rows 14 – 20 once.

Being new to working with charts, I was confused what this instruction meant to do. What I learned is read it exactly as it is stated. Knit the first row once. Then knit rows 2-13 three times total, then knit rows 14-20 once. It seems so easy once I stopped trying to read into it what I thought it meant! I think the word “Repeat” is what threw me the most. I thought I needed to knit row 1 once, then repeat it, etc…thankfully the designer and others on the BadCatsDesigns yahoo group generously explained the correct way to read the chart. I so very much appreciate the folks on the yahoo group that are patient with a newbie lace knitter!

Today was Father’s Day, and I made hubby his favorite food. SOUP. And believe it or not, I made it all from scratch! It turned out great and was if I say so myself mighty tasty!

June2008 011


One response to “Summer Sampler #3

  1. Your summer sampler is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! I SO like it in red! And your lace knitting “looks” like it was easy for you (even if it wasn’t) it’s so well done. And no, I don’t look for mistakes (I think that’s the ultimate form of rudeness!) I just admire the forms, drape and color.
    And BTW – soup is also one of MY favorite foods – so maybe I’ll move in with you instead – you make soup and I’ll bring all my toys, OK? tee hee!

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