Summer Sampler #4

Have I mentioned I just love learning new things? That is one of the reasons I just love this Summer Sampler. This week in section #4, I learned how to SSSK (knit 3 together leaning left.) I love how this weeks pattern looks like leaves hanging on a vine.

June2008 020

I’m also making progress on hubbys socks. My mother in law fell and broke a bone in her shoulder area last week. (She is doing well, it will take time to heal.) Hubby and I went to the hospital to be with her while she waited to see the doctor in the ER. I took my socks and knit away in the ER waiting room. Five hours in a waiting room makes for a great knitting opportunity!

June2008 017

I met a very nice gal and her father who were also waiting to see a doctor. She asked about the sock and said that her mother was also addicted to knitting! She complimented me on my sock and it felt sooooo good 🙂 I guess I always think that people that really know me just say the things I make are good, just CAUSE they know me. So, if you see someone knitting that you don’t know…stop and compliment them…its an awesome gift!

I’m also working on a February Lady Sweater for myself. I struggled for quite awhile with making the button holes. I didn’t like the way they were looking, and I didn’t like that the first button hole was so close to the edge of the sweater. So I put the project in time out and went back to it this week with a fresh look. I am making the button holes several rows after the location specified in the pattern by:

June2008 019

knitting up to where the button hole will start and casting off 3 stitches. Then on the next row, I knit into the front and back of the last stitch before the button hole, and cast on 1 stitch, then knit into the front and back of the next stitch.

I found this idea on this blog. This manner of making the button hole worked for me and I’m back to knitting the sweater!

Here is the post card I received from Son#1 who was in New Zealand for past month. Funny boy!

June2008 021

June2008 022

Both Son#1 and Son#2 come home this week! Happy Mama Alert!


7 responses to “Summer Sampler #4

  1. The socks are lookin good! Really. And the postcard – too funny!

  2. What a great, full post! I’ve been eyeing the February Lady Sweater, as well, and downloaded the directions. A Summer Sampler is such a terrific idea, too. The sox look great and the postcard from NZ couldn’t be more perfect! Happy Mama Reunion!!!

  3. I love your summer sampler–it’s gorgeous!

    Glad you liked my shawl!

  4. You have to admit the kid has a sense of humor. The sox rock!! I have to knit a pair for DH but I’m dreading it, and the sample woohoo! Lovely.
    I’m glad that someone said nice , encouraging things, I usually get the “why bother you can get that at Wally World” hehe NOT!

  5. I have the February Lady Sweater bookmarked. I can’t wait to see yours progress.

  6. I am SO loving seeing your sampler progress – and confess I’m just a tad envious! I wish I had time to create something that beautiful! LOL!!
    Your socks are awesome – I really like the texture of the stitch pattern.
    Really smart technique for the button holes – I’m going to have to remember that one! What a sweet color for your sweater too!
    The post card is hilarious! what a guy! LOL!!

  7. Your Summer Sampler looks wonderful! Post more pictures of your progress.

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