Summer Sampler 5&7

The boys were home for a few weeks. It sure was great to have them home! They are both back in Colorado now. I haven’t done that much knitting, but here is an update! Here is pattern 5 of the Summer Sampler:

SummerSampler Pattern 5

I skipped pattern 6. In the pattern, there was this 7/7 move that had you inserting the needle into seven stitches, which was impossible for me on the cotton yarn I am using. The pattern was interesting looking, it looks like space invaders. I decided to just skip this one.

Here is pattern 7. This one was easy and fun to knit.
Summer Sampler Pattern 7

I’m still working on hubby socks. I am at the toe. Hubby was out of town for a week, so I need to have him try on the sock to make sure I have the correct length.

I started a pair of RPM socks. What a fun and cute pattern! I am using Socks That Rock lightweight, Flower Power. Love these colors!

RPM Socks

This is my third round of starting the February Ladys Sweater. The first time, I didn’t like how I did the button holes, the second time, I realized that I was making a size way too big. Thanks to the help of my friend, Susan, who is an amazing knitter. She said to me, did you do a gauage swatch, “No” I replied. Then she asked me if I was sure I was doing the right size, and again “No” I replied. She actually took out her measuring tape and measured me right there in the coffee shop! And I was indeed making a size too big. So I ripped again!

Third time is the charm. I’m to the point where you start the lace work, but have put this aside while I wait for my longer Knit Picks cable for my needles to arrive, as the stitches are getting a bit tight on this smaller cable.

Feb Ladys sweater blob


2 responses to “Summer Sampler 5&7

  1. Glad to see your sweater coming back to life and that’s a great pattern for that sock yarn.

  2. I’m planning the same sweater for some Berroco Naturlin yarn I got in a coppery brown. I will definately swatch this one, since the yarn has no strech. I frogged my oblique sweater and started a new one, I could get through that pattern too much for me, it’s on the back way back burner. hehe. I love the hubby socks, my DH wants a pair so I’m hunting yarn with only 25% wool, I can’t handle anything more than that and knitting in surgical gloves is not on the list LOL..

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