Is there a lab test for this?

I recently went in for a checkup, blood work returned that I have high cholesterol (260) and a mild positive for Lupus. I’m thinking there must be something more wrong…because…

I cast on 3 new projects in one day yesterday. I already have at least 5 projects on the needles, prior to adding these. Is there a lab test for this symptom? I have a serious case of it bad, that is for sure!

Mr. Greenjeans

I did not intend to cast on another sweater. I simply went to knit night, and one of the gals shows up with her completed Mr. Greenjeans. I had the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece just sitting in my stash. I was powerless and cast on.

Mr. PinkJeans


I have had this pattern for a long time, and I just couldnt’ stand not casting it on any longer. I had two skeins of Koigu KPPPM just screaming to cast on. I am weak. What can I say?


Dish Cloth

I finished the washcloths for my friend, and when I went to throw away the ball band from the Peaches & Creme yarn, I noticed there is a pattern on the back for dish cloths. I like dish cloths. So…

Dish Towel

I did actually finish a project this week. Three washcloths for my friend Sharon, who purchased her first home!
Washcloths for Sharon


6 responses to “Is there a lab test for this?

  1. Hah, I did the same thing. Check up and all. I’m not as bad as you are with casting on, but almost. :o)

  2. I’m sorry my dear but you have castitis, very serious and I’m sorry to say very uncurable. Don’t worry most knitter have this affliction and they still lead productive lives. haha..

    I got my harmony needle set and am thrilled thanks for the recommendation. Now I just want to cast on to use them all — Yikes!!

  3. Castonitis is definitely the syndrome and unfortunately there is no cure. At least there really isn’t any suffering to go along with the disease!

    That cotton fleece is so vibrant!

  4. I am still sticking with ya.

  5. Hey, I like that washcloth pattern!

    And how sweet your hubby is 🙂

  6. Cast on if it makes you feel better! That’s what knitting is supposed to do!

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