Weaving on Beka Loom Tutorial

I will continue my basic, newbie tutorial on how to weave a balanced weave on a Beka loom here in the coming months. Check back!

Here are direct links to the first 3 steps I created last August.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step I’m a Dork and messed up. Step four to follow!

Here is a great site to see the entire process from sheep to woven product.


I haven’t woven in a year…I taught myself how to knit with needles, and have been busy learning new things there. I have had the same warp on my Beka loom for this entire time. (sad but true!)

I suspect I’ll get back to weaving this fall. I haven’t forgotten that many of you want me to continue this lesson. My best advice is to buy a book on weaving. I found Deborah Chandler’s book Learning to Weave to be excellent for us beginners!


One response to “Weaving on Beka Loom Tutorial

  1. Have you seen Weavolution (www.weavolution.com). Lots of incentive to start weaving again.

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